Air Cooled Chiller


It is manufactured by modern advanced technology with excellent quality and beautiful appearance. Colling capacity from 12,52oKcal/hr to 250.000Kcal/hr (50HP-100HP). It can be widely used in chemical, food, plastic, electroplating, concrete mixing plant, laser, printing, circuit board and other industrial chilled water field



The inner surface of the copper tube is threaded, the copper tube has a smooth appearance and good cooling effect. The evaporator tuber is insulated with 26mm thick PE insulation board. No dew, less cold loss



The condenser is equipped with high-efficiency cross-seam find and internally threaded copper tubes for high heat exchange efficiency and stability


Box Plate

The box plate of the fully enclosed chiller set is precision machined by CNC punching machine and painted with electrostatic powder, which is luxurious and beautiful in appearance and has good sound insulation effect

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